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If you would like more information about a specific piece of gourd art and or jewelry or would like to place and order, please  Email Me   I will confirm the availability and price of the artwork and the specific shipping and handling charges.

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Gourd drums are made and used by many cultures/countries. The ones shown on this site are made with a head of rawhide goat skin. These drums generally should be played with bare hands. Since gourds are light, they make carrying them easy—all do have handles or shoulder straps. They are all colored in a variety of inks and then embellished with leather, feathers, beads, metallic leafing and/or carvings


Gourd Rainsticks

Rainsticks were used by the Indians to call upon the rain gods to bring rain to their land.  The gourd is first cut and cleaned and then stuffed with chicken wire, peas, beans, rice, etc. When rotated, the sound produced emulates the sound of rain falling.  The designs used on my rainsticks include polliwogs (one of the first signs that the rainy season has begun), water serpents that have a lightening bolt spewing from their mouths, and rain cloud motifs.


Gourd Rattles

Gourds have been used as musical instruments around the world for thousands of years.  Native American ceremonial dances often begin with a Blessing dance to bless the arena, the dancers, and all people. This dance may only be performed by registered Gourd Dancers. The ambiguity of origins of the dance may be due to the fact that the gourd is simply a rattle. There are many types of rattles used by many different American Indian tribes, on many different occasions. It is possible that the "gourd" rattle designates a particular social organization of the dance, rather than simply the kind of rattle used.




MU1  Extra Large Bottleneck Gourd Drum


Top measures 13”.  It stands about 13” and is about 13 ” wide. The drum is colored with artprint brown ink and is embellished with leather, wood beads, copper tubes, and feathers.
SOLD! Email or call (520) 615-3151 for Special Order


Hoop Dancer

MU5 Hoop Dancer



This drum skin measures 9 1/2" across and stands 12" tall. The drum is colored with artprint brown ink and mango ink and is embellished with leather, wooden breads, nuts, and feathers.  It has multiple carved encircling circles. 





MU2  Child of Flames


Top measures 8 ”. It stands about 8 ” tall.  This drum is colored with black inks and is embellished with metallic leafing, carvings, and black, red, and beige leather.


SOLD! Email or call (520) 615-3151 for Special Order



MU3  Medium Bottleneck
Gourd Drum
Top measures is 9”. It stands 13” tall and is 12” at its widest part. This drum is trimmed with copper tubes and leather and colored with artprint brown ink.  It is embellished with feathers and leather.
SOLD! Email or call (520) 615-3151 for Special Order










MU4  Double Headed Drum


Top measures 11” bottom skin measures 10”. The drum is colored with artprint brown ink and is trimmed with copper tubes and leather.  It is carved with a design. It stands 4 ” tall.


SOLD! Email or call (520) 615-3151 for Special Order




RS4  Water Serpent Rainstick 

With polliwogs, dragon fly, clouds with lightening, rainbow, and water serpent.Price...$60




RS3 Navajo Yei Rainstick
One of the holy People of Navajo religion, Niltsi, Wind yei has a cloud cap, cloud symbols in one hand, a feather for creating the wind in the other and lightning in his body). It also has two kokopellis, four polliwogs, and two sets of rain clouds with lightning.
SOLD! Email or call (520) 615-3151 for Special Order







RS2 Indian Symbols Rainstick



This gourd rainstick was first cut apart and filled with rice, beans, and BBs (to emulate the sound of falling rain) and then reattached and was banded with a clay sleeve.  It was then pyro-engraved
and colored with oil paints, inks, and acrylic paints. I then made faux turquoise cabochons and small balls to embellish the clay band and the eyes of the figures.  Beads and leather adorn the top of the rainstick.  The figures pyro-engraved
in the rainstick include pollywogs, a water serpent, a lizard, and a Navajo Yei (one of the holy people of the Navajo religion)  If you want to hang the rainstick, simple drill a small hole all the way through the gourd near the top and insert a leather tie.  

Email or call (520) 615-3151 for Special Order



RS1 The Rains Are Coming


This Indian Rainstick was wood burned and then colored with inks; The polliwogs are colored with black ink; the rainbows are hunter green and red inks; the rain clouds are colored with off-white acrylic paint. The designs above the leather band are meant to compliment the lower part of the rainstick. Measures approximately 24" long.  The base is included
SOLD! Email or call (520) 615-3151 for Special Order





  MU10  Indian Rattle


The decorations on this rattle include a jackrabbit, bear claw, and bear. It is trimmed with feathers, beads and leather. It is approximately 16" long and no more than 4" high. 
SOLD! Email or call (520) 615-3151 for Special Order

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